At Mind in Barnet we run a social club on a Friday (Electra) and a Sunday (Libra). At the moment we run these clubs alternately, one week being on a Friday, the next a Sunday.

The weekend social clubs aim to reduce isolation over the weekend. They provide a low-key, relaxed environment and the opportunity to meet and make friends and gain support for those feeling isolated or lonely, or those recovering from a mental health problem. The clubs have been active for over 30 years.


COVID-19 Update to services:

During these testing times for us all, it is important to maintain regular social contact with the world around us. Mind in Barnet have been looking into ways of creating the safe and relaxed atmosphere of our weekend social clubs in a virtual way. There are two ways we will look at to support people in this time:

  • Weekly Zoom calls
  • Weekly Newsletter

Zoom Calls

One of the hardest parts of quarantine is the lack of social interaction, increasing levels of isolation. We are scheduling weekly Zoom calls for our service users, giving them the chance to talk to other members of the community going through a similar experience. Regular social contact is one of the key tools in combating depression and loneliness.


Another issue with staying at home is boredom. We are looking at uploading a weekly Newsletter on this webpage to help tackle boredom and isolation.

The newsletter will contain:

  • A TV club; allowing us to stay updated on the best upcoming programming on Freeview and giving us another social tool
  • A chat room, to create and maintain social connection in a casual way.
  • A YouTube guide and tips on maintaining your mental health during this time.


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If you are interested in getting involved in our community then please email Sam at [email protected] or give Mind a call at 0208 343 5700